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Born out of the love for the industry, we the partners at The Gloss Bar wanted to deliver excellent nail and skin services in the most exclusive way while providing a safe and clean air environment for both clients and staff. We are a believer that health and safety is never an option but a must. Our goal is to be safely beautiful for you. For us. For the Earth.

All our products are responsibly sourced. Whenever possible, we choose the organic and/or sustainable route without sacrificing quality. 

The Making of the Salon:

We partnered with SalonSafe and Design X to produce custom made manicure and pedicure stations that provided a vent at every station. You can see our ventilation system right in the salon. We are proud of it and want to be reminded how much safe air is important for our staff and clients through its 2 Hepa filter system. Our pedicure chairs are ergonomic and has massage and heating features. Easy to clean and sanitize solid surfaces around tubs and manicure stations. We have protection barrier on every nail and pedicure station.

We are a believer that it takes a village to raise a child and respect thy neighbors. We are all here for each other in time of needs. We are happy supporting local 401C charities and for schools with discounted and matching donation codes. Stay tuned and subscribe to get the latest info.

The salon is split up into 2 floors. Separating client and staff area. We make sure staff is off the work floor and have their own personal space while there is no client. Check us out on facebook, instagram, twitter, and google.

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